"Curb Appeal With Service Satisfaction"


Bordermate features

Bordermax by Bordermate

Which includes a

Full 2 year warranty

"Curbing is a ONE time investment that will Provide beauty and ease of use for many years and last as long as your home"


Our curbing is 100% reinforced concrete.  Our edging will not move, shift, rot, crumble, warp or fail.  Pick from over 30 colors and numerous designs.  Even design your own!

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Bordermate curbing is custom designed on site according to the requests and needs of the customer.

Our Curbing is extruded onsite in one continuous piece allowing the customer greater design flexiblility. Bordermate curbing can follow the contour of most shapes and sizes that the customer requests.

 Our concrete curbing has several features, advantages and benefits that you should consider: A continuous concrete root barrier keeps lawns in check. Concrete is durable. It won't rot, shatter, splinter, etc.

Maintenance is simple. Lawn mower wheels fit easily on the leading edge. Clean up with an edger or trimmer without damaging the edging.

Beautifies your yard placing a picture-perfect frame around your flowerbeds.

Design flexibility allows for straight lines, curves, turns and contours.

Fast, clean and efficient installation without the problems associated with costly form work.

Save hours of edging, trimming and weeding time.

Less expensive. Higher quality.


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